People have different reasons for filing bankruptcy.  However, an individual debtor has the option of filing either a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (also called “Straight Bankruptcy” or “Liquidation”) or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (also called “Wage Earner”).

If you are struggling to pay your monthly bills, whether or not you are employed, and you are so deep in debt that you no longer enjoy a comfortable or peaceful life, bankruptcy might be the next step towards financial freedom and regaining your peace of mind.

Bankruptcy laws protect debtors and equip them with the necessary tools to start afresh.

The reasons for filing may include the following:

  • Obtain debt relief
  • Stop creditor harassment (especially annoying phone calls and threatening letters from creditors)
  • Stop foreclosure on a house, condominium or other real property
  • Recover a vehicle that has been repossessed
  • Prevent a vehicle from being repossessed
  • Unpaid IRS or real property taxes
  • Regain possession of house sold at tax sale
  • Wipe out payday loans, cash loans and other personal loans
  • Unpaid hospital bills and medical expenses


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